Monday, January 6, 2014

what to do, what to do...

works in progress or frogs

wip #1
the lala shawl

i love the pattern 
the yarn.....mmmmm, not so sure just yet
i really like the colors which was the deciding factor that lead to my purchase
the yarns are souk' by cascade and mohair
i like the pattern, i like the color, i like the two together
it's the feel i'm not so sure about
it's a bit scratchy
given that it's something that will be close to my neck and makes me a little itchy,
i'm now wondering if i made a good choice?
i really want to use the mohair because i like the color and it was expensive!

wip #2
nutkin hand warmer

this project started out as a sock
i did not check my gauge
(oh how many times have i said that before?)
as a sock, it was too small to go over my thick ankle
rather than frog, i decided to make it a handwarmer
i like it as a handwarmer....i don't love it
the nutkin pattern tends to twist
not sure why? i do magic loop...could that be the reason for the twist?
it is malabrigo yarn which i like and i love the wine color 
( i like wine...maybe this is the reason i like the color????)
i'm just not crazy about the outcome
and it's a lot of work to not really care for it in the end

wip #3
my favorite scarf

turns's not really my favorite 
this yarn started out to be socks
the pattern & the yarn were not a good match
i liked the pattern, i like this yarn
but they did not make a happy pair
i divided the yarn into two balls to do 2 at a time socks, changed my mind about the socks
decided to go with a scarf
i knit the first half of the scarf with one ball and it looks great
the second half, i knit with the other ball & the color pooled?
someone suggested that i frog it and re-ball it starting with the opposite end?
i'm going to give it a go...

wip #4
eliots kick ass hat

i like both the yarn (quince & co) & the pattern
i started this dec. 1st in hopes of stuffing the hat in the hubs stocking
had i read the pattern before starting (how many times have i said that before!)
i would have seen "cast on 180 stitches using a size 0 needle"
i did not finish by christmas...the hubs was gifted an IOU instead
i hope to finish it this week
i'm not working on any other project until i finish this hat!

if you have any suggestions about any of my wip's, i would love to hear from ya!

hope you are all staying warm..
we are -8 degrees today with 20 mph winds



  1. Your WIPS are so pretty! I really love the malabrigo arm warmers. I like the shawl pattern, but if you're not going to wear it and can't find a home for it, maybe refocus your energy. You have so many lovely things that make me want to knit in purple now :) I too have that, "must finish" project, i'm just so impressed you haven't thrown in the towel on the tiny, dark, hat project.

  2. I hope this comment doesn't appear twice, because I can't figure out if I published it or cancelled it. If there's two, feel free to delete one. Here goes...

    I didn't know you were a knitter! I love all of your projects and can't suggest others because I love the patterns you've chosen. The yarns are so beautiful too. As for the mohair, more power to you. I can't wear or work with yarns like that because they make me itch and it's hard to see my stitches because of the "fuzz" so I tend to stay away from them. I can't wait to see the hat you make for your husband too. I'm currently knitting a slouch beanie hat and should have used a size smaller needle for the brim, but didn't because I don't have all those sizes. I'm actually using size 8s (5mm) throughout. I hope it's okay. I just reached the decrease portion today. Again, wishing you all the best on your projects!