Saturday, August 9, 2014

off & on the needles~

off the needles....yeah!!!!! :)

ravelry notes: lala shawl

this was a fun knit & i'm anxious for cooler weather to wrap myself up

i purchased the yarn while vacationing on lake erie

it will always remind me of riding around put in bay on a golf cart with the hubs
 falling off bicycles
 & camping in the rain!
we haven't been camping or on bicycles since 

my on the needle project began with this fun package that arrived in the mail
from ellen on ravelry and the author of the sweet blog the ellen report 

madeline tosh sock yarn, dark AND milk chocolate & two lip balms
i enjoyed a piece of the chocolate everyday till they were just a memory :)
what a sweet treat~
the lip balms remain my favorite! 

thanks ellen  xoxo

the mad tosh yarn is yummy as are all mad tosh yarns

i chose the diamond rib pattern from designer Kate Lore aka Knittergal on Ravelry
it's the perfect combination of yarn & pattern
i love when that happens!
 a fun pattern & very well written~

because i spend more time knitting than painting my toe nails
i cropped my toes right out of the picture....
i couldn't figure out how to fix the the wrinkly feet 

that's whats going on in my little corner of the world
what's going on with you?
have you finished a project, started a new one, painted your toe nails?