Saturday, March 16, 2013

oh how i love america's test kitchen~

homemade pizza rolls

the ingredients were simple

the process was easy, although it does take a bit
because there are so many!

the hubs helped

he's always so good to help me

*xoxo to the hubs*

i allowed the oil to get to hot which caused them to cook too quickly

leaving the filling not quite hot enough to burn that little tiny piece of skin that's between your front teeth

you know that feeling don't you?

the one where you just can't wait another second before biting into something that you know

it scalding hot, but you do it anyway!

(please don't let me be the only one that does that!)

my thermometer isn't

other than having the oil the correct temp

i would dice a little pepperoni and add to the mixture

you can find the recipe here



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the dirt grabber & the iphone cord

this is not the first time something other than dirt has been sucked up in the dirt grabber

*dirt grabber* is the name given to a vacuum cleaner by my dad

when i sent him a card, i would put confetti, glitter, etc

he would say "kid, after i opened that card i had to run the dirt grabber"

the first time i sucked up the tail of my knitting it was attached to a almost completed beret for my grandkidlet (sorry abby)

the needle became lodged in the jaws of the sweeper and un-knitted a good size chunk of her hat 


broke my needle

this time around, there was no damage

the cord unwound easily 

the beret wasn't so lucky



Friday, March 8, 2013

mush mush!

are you expecting a blog about huskies pulling dog sleds or the iditarod ?


mush, real mush, real made from scratch mush

my mom makes it, my daughter makes it

i however, have never attempted it

opting to buy the stuff in the tube at the store

homemade is soooooo easy and yummy

i used aunt jemima's recipe because it was on the bag of cornmeal

cornmeal, salt, water...that's it!

throw a little butter on a skillet or griddle that's been heated (med heat)

i'm using my granny's griddle
she made pancakes the size of that griddle!!!

add your mush & allow to fry slowly and become crisp 

add a little maple syrup

and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a kitchen tip~

i have not seen this tip anywhere so i thought i would share 

i have several recipes that call for 1 tablespoon of paste

that leaves over 5 ounces of paste in the can that  i stick it in the fridge thinking i will use it later

a month later rolls around and i find it in the back of the fridge dried up & yucky looking

here is my solution

i cut squares of plastic wrap and plop on 1 tablespoon of paste

i then gather all four corners
 give it a good twist so it is in the shape of a strawberry

drop into a jar or any freezer safe container and stick in your freezer

 you're now ready for any recipe that calls for one tablespoon or so 

i had 8 -1 tablespoon portions after using the initial tablespoon for my recipe

i also do this with chipotle peppers in adobo

what's your favorite kitchen tip?