Sunday, December 30, 2012

for the love of bread...

i have a love affair with bread baking
and have
 since i met my bestie & her mom
her mom baked bread,
 real bread,
 not the stuff out of a box,
not quick breads,
not biscuits,
not frozen dough,
big beautiful loaves of bread!
i was so impressed!
my family is southern
we ate (& still eat)
cornbread fried in a skillet
and what my granny called "white bread"
i've yet to meet anyone who makes biscuits like my granny
(although my daughter comes close)
watching my granny make biscuits is one of my fondest memories of her
i've tried many bread recipes
some with success
some ......not so much
the hubs always knew when it had been a bad bread day
because when he took out the trash it was heavy...*lol*
when artisan breads became popular
i tried a few recipes and found them to be heavy & tough
and always resorted back to my favorites
while on pinterest (can you say addiction?)
i came across a bread recipe
i pinned it along with many other recipes and forgot about it
again, while on pinterest (do you see a pattern here?)
i came across the same recipe again
i'm glad i did!
i mixed it up last night and baked it this morning
it did not dissapoint
the cast iron dutch oven in the background belonged to my dad
i use it all the time but until today
i had never used it to bake bread
the few days we have left of the year have me excited about the new year
i'm looking forward to
getting acquainted with my new camera (thanks again to the hubs!)
trying new recipes
getting seed catalogs in the mail
new sewing projects
planning the garden
just to name a few
what are you looking forward to in 2013?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

~the littles~
this picture is as good as it gets for our three littles!
so much excitement and anticipation
running from place to place
naps and schedules falling by the wayside
not to mention snacks & goodies everywhere
all make for difficult picture taking
but oh my ....
aren't they the sweetest

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


if you came from my other blog....thanks!
i hope you'll give me a bit to set up my new home
while i haven't been posting here or on your blogs
i have been visiting
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas
are looking forward to a new year!