Thursday, February 27, 2014

oh the love...

i love the process of baking bread

the measuring, mixing & kneading

i love that simple ingredients produce such goodness
with so little effort

i love peeking in the oven to watch the rising progress

then punching down the dough & forming into loaves

and ohhhhh, that moment you pull it from the oven....
the aroma alone makes my mouth water

it's hard to allow it to cool before slicing into it!

this recipe is from brown eyed baker

she wasn't exaggerating when she said this recipe produces a "ginormous" loaf

it truly is huge & could easily be made into two loaves

last night we enjoyed slices still warm from the oven with a big pot of goulash

the next few days we'll enjoy toast, both regular & french, toasted croutons for salads
 & breadcrumbs to top casseroles

do you have a favorite bread recipe?


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

just a little....

a little sweet pea

in a little red coat

with a little snowball

just a little toss

a little fun in the snow


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

winter fun & a "fo"

the temperature finally hit above freezing
we had snow on the hill

time to get the sleds out & make a big pot of hot chocolate

and thanks to gigi...ham sandwiches & a cheeseball!

"biggie" is addy's nickname for grayson....
we have no idea why she calls him

cousins double up for a ride down the hill
addy couldn't wait til my niece jade arrived!
"pretty in pink"

even lucy went down the hill
"also in pink"

someone is gonna eat snow.....

and the winner is....Babs!!!!!

biggie heads down the hill with big brother~

better than any roller coaster!

sometimes you're the sledder....
sometimes you're the tow rope...

and now for the finished object....

the pixie's pink polka dot hat


Saturday, February 1, 2014

little but mighty...

i introduced you to jesse but there's one more kid....


my son said her name should have been lucille margarette & if she were human she would
wear bright red lipstick, have a raspy voice & would be puffing on a non filter

she's feisty this one 
an ankle biter if you will
but a diva none the less

i told you the story about jesse getting in the ups truck...
lucy followed the driver off the porch nipping at his boot
(no driver was harmed in the delivery of my package)

she's almost 11 & has been overweight most of her little dog life
(ever heard the saying "if your dog is overweight, you need more exercise")
totally applies in this case

the littles love her & she them

even the hubs is a little intimidated by her

but she's harmless really ....

i ask you, does she look like a threat????

she is just a sweet little ole dog 
that loves her humans
 a warm place to nap
a cozy blankie
and treats
lots & lots of treats

we're lucky to share our lives with such sweet companions