Sunday, January 26, 2014

the other kid~

meet jesse

jess is our 9 year old border collie 
and the reason i run the sweeper
every.   single.   day.
she was found in a box with her sisters, dumped at the dog pound
 she was then saved by the border collie rescue in ohio
she spent 6 weeks in a mens prison where she was taught manors & obedience
i find it humorous that she was sent to a place to learn manors & obedience from
someone who was sent to the same place for not having manors or obedience...ha
her next stop was to a foster home to see how she played with others, both people & pets
she did well on both accounts
we filled out the adoption papers for her & waited
(the application to adopt her was 6 pages & they called every reference!)
and we were fortunate to become her forever parents

she is the protector of our home

nothing....and i do mean nothing comes into our yard
she runs everything into the woods or the field behind us
people are the exception....
she loves the ups & fed ex guys...and if they leave the door to their truck open..
she's in!

she loves to visit the neighbors pond

she loves this boy
she will even wear silly hats & bandanna's

and most of all, she loves this guy...can you tell?
we are lucky to share our couch with her



  1. Your Jesse is such a sweetie pie! Border Collies are the best. We have a neighbor, on the other side of the field and she has a BC too..his name is Eddie and he is just like your Jesse..keeping everything 'in order' around the property.
    Thanks for introducing us.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xo

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I love your dog! what a cutie! I don't know what I would be without my fur babies around, they keep company everyday on the couch. Our two are rescues and we actually had to leave our third dog behind in TX, she was a great dane rescue, too big for apartment living!

  3. Aww, I love the story of Jesse. It's such a cool peek into your family life. I love Collie dogs. So loyal. hehe. But yes, I remember the hair.