Tuesday, July 15, 2014

dirt, seed, water & voila!

this is our first year with our raised beds
the hubs has plans for two more by fall

the bed on the left was mowed down by rabbits
the hub replanted & fenced the bed

i see eggplant parmesan in our future :)


i canned 7 pints of green beans yesterday
and we have many more to pick :)

tomatoes glorious tomatoes
the hubs can hardly wait! :) 

and the kale is plentiful :)

if you look closely, you can see a little itty bitty broccoli  :)

cabbage.....sour kraut or cooked cabbage with bacon hmmmmm :)

the beds haven't been without difficulties
in the first few weeks the rabbits ate the swiss chard & beets to the ground!
the hubs put up fence and problem solved until....
the deer moved in & reached over the fence and ate our beans!
he put a wire around the entire exterior and again, problem solved until...
the bugs moved in!  they started with the kale & ate their way to the beans
we mixed up some pepper garlic spray and as you can see
everything is thriving
until something else finds our garden of eatin'

one battle at a time :)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

goodness from the garden~

kale & lettuce, both second cuttings

green beans, first picking

i see a yummy dinner this evening

are you picking any goodness from your garden?


Monday, June 30, 2014

keeping secrets....

dang! it's been awhile since i've posted

we've been busy with life, garden, flower beds, grandkids & vacation

all good things :)

as the title suggest, i've been keeping a secret
(i'm not very good at but i did hold it in much to my daughter in laws surprise)

we're gonna be grandparents again!!!!

this little one is gonna have a brother (they think) 

congratulations doug, ashlie & iris! 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

graduations: pre-school to high school

(adelyn aka the pixie with her parents)

awwwww my little pixie graduated from pre-school 
there were three graduating classes & all participated in a cute program
many thanks to the teachers & staff for making this day so special to both students & families

later that same day
our oldest grandaughter graduated

(abby with her mom)

abby is the oldest of our grandchildren
she graduated with honors & this summer will begin college
she's a smart one this girl is...
we can't wait to see her shine as she studies to be a optometrist
most everyone in our family wears glasses.....we will keep her busy!

congratulations girls!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

happenings on the hill & on my needles~

hope you all had a good weekend

we cleaned the barn & while it's not my favorite thing to do, i love the feeling when it's done!

we're also (and i say "we" although i do very little of the work) making raised beds

we've battled with our soil since we moved here 10 years ago

for years we have tried to amend the soil with so so results

this year we took the plunge 

we're (and again i say "we" while doing little labor...at this point)

also doing some updating in our kitchen

that project actually started in fall of last year

so far he has added a dishwasher, put the micro above the stove, painted the walls,

installed new baseboard heaters, replaced the counters with butcher block & painted the top cabinets

no hardware yet...it's still in the bag

moving along slow but sure!

and while he's working away in the kitchen or the garden

i've been knitting!

( i'll more than make up for lack of work when it's time to can )

this cute little project is the creation of dag, her first pattern!

you can find her creativity here enchanted shorty shrug

my friend jesse from wee pleasures is hosting a kal

it's not too late to join!

what's been keeping you busy?