Monday, March 24, 2014

camera play~


my mom reminded me the bowl the clementines are in
was made by my foreign exchange student, rogerio who was visiting from brazil
he made it in shop class
i was a junior in high-school so the bowl is......

38 years old!!!!!
can that possibly be correct?
have i been out of school that many years?
maybe, just maybe i didn't subtract correctly?

times flies


Saturday, March 15, 2014

can you knit too many pairs of socks???

a completed pair from scrap yarn for the monstersockkal

lots of tails to weave in!

this was a fun project and a first for me
i've never knit socks from odds & ends of yarn

i'm excited to start another scrappy pair 

have you joined any kal's?
any new projects?
trying a new stitch?


Saturday, March 8, 2014

another first...


 "why have you never knit anklets?" i ask myself???
they were quick, easy and will be cozy & warm
i love em'!

yarn shop goodies

my favorite yarn swift

found this little gem at a flea market for $2.00

i think this yarn screams tye dye & peace signs

heart rock i found on vacation

yarn algeria

what's your favorite sock pattern?


Thursday, March 6, 2014

do you remember your first time?

knitting a pair of socks that is.....
here are my first loves

i took a class to learn sock knitting
i was hooked on the very idea of knitting socks
after all......who knits socks??????
i had never heard of such a thing
i couldn't wait to start them and once i started, i could hardly do anything else but work on them
i couldn't wait to finish them & actually wear them!
i just couldn't believe i was capable of knitting something so useful & fun & wonderful!
when i mentioned to someone that i was knitting socks the response was always the same...
why don't you just buy them?
what??? are you kidding? you have too much time on your hands!

that was about 8 years ago
there have been lots of socks since then 
plain ole socks
ribbed socks
socks for daughters & sons & husbands & moms
socks with cables
anklet socks
little bitty baby socks
ahhhh, but none are like that very first pair
and yes....
i still wear them

how about you....
do you remember your first pair?
do you still have them?
do you still wear them?

speaking of socks...there is a sock kal going on
join us why don't ya!

monstersock kal


Thursday, February 27, 2014

oh the love...

i love the process of baking bread

the measuring, mixing & kneading

i love that simple ingredients produce such goodness
with so little effort

i love peeking in the oven to watch the rising progress

then punching down the dough & forming into loaves

and ohhhhh, that moment you pull it from the oven....
the aroma alone makes my mouth water

it's hard to allow it to cool before slicing into it!

this recipe is from brown eyed baker

she wasn't exaggerating when she said this recipe produces a "ginormous" loaf

it truly is huge & could easily be made into two loaves

last night we enjoyed slices still warm from the oven with a big pot of goulash

the next few days we'll enjoy toast, both regular & french, toasted croutons for salads
 & breadcrumbs to top casseroles

do you have a favorite bread recipe?


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

just a little....

a little sweet pea

in a little red coat

with a little snowball

just a little toss

a little fun in the snow


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

winter fun & a "fo"

the temperature finally hit above freezing
we had snow on the hill

time to get the sleds out & make a big pot of hot chocolate

and thanks to gigi...ham sandwiches & a cheeseball!

"biggie" is addy's nickname for grayson....
we have no idea why she calls him

cousins double up for a ride down the hill
addy couldn't wait til my niece jade arrived!
"pretty in pink"

even lucy went down the hill
"also in pink"

someone is gonna eat snow.....

and the winner is....Babs!!!!!

biggie heads down the hill with big brother~

better than any roller coaster!

sometimes you're the sledder....
sometimes you're the tow rope...

and now for the finished object....

the pixie's pink polka dot hat