Wednesday, January 8, 2014

albums, cassettes, cd's....oh my!

i have stacks & stacks of cds
before that it was stacks & stacks of albums

it's only been a few years ago that i parted with all my albums, yes albums
(except the Jackson Browne albums....just couldn't let them go)
 i have a hard time making the transition from one media to another, do you?
there have been so many media transitions......
8 tracks

and now itunes & the like
i can only imagine how my littles will listen to music when they are my age
both amazing and sad all these changes we see
do you embrace change or shudder at the thought?

i have decided to rip all my cd's to itunes & back everything up to an external drive
i googled and that's what lots of folks suggested

how are you storing collections of music?


1 comment:

  1. Storing on an external drive. Need to go peruse the old files ...
    You are definitely getting yourself organized. I'm in awe!