Monday, June 1, 2015

love in the knitting community~

it's been another fun mail week!

jesse from wee pleasures sent this adorable package~
aren't those mittens wonderful!!!  i'll tell ya, they had me
wishing for winter! 
candy, yarn, mittens, & tea
what more could a girl want?

and sanja from love of cuteness sent these sweet little
balls of yarnie goodness &a little ball of lip balm
i've already knitted in two of the balls :) & have used
the lip balm several times


steph from woolythyme filled my wooden bowl & heart with joy with
a great selection of yarns that will add so much warmth to my blanket
steph has already made three blankets!!!!

andi from my sisters knitter sent these little beauties
along with some tasty teas~ the pretty pink skein was
quickly snatched up by one of the littles claiming it was her favorite! 

this lovely package came from olivia of this hand made life 
i love how she carded the yarn & isn't that a beautiful card!

a heartfelt thank you to each of you
this knitting community is a very generous group of women
i love knowing there is a little part of you in my blanket :)
my blanket is growing as is my heart

*~thank you~*