Sunday, January 12, 2014

knitting progress & what's in my shoe box...

eliots kick ass hat is coming along nicely!

i have a few more rows before starting the crown decrease

the quince & co yarn has some stretch to it &
with it being 100% american wool
it will be nice & warm

i love the color & the texture of the quince & co yarn
when it's completed (this week for sure!)
hopefully it will have been worth the wait for the hubs

awwww......the notions box....
i believe it's an old tupperware container
i glued a cut off straw in the corner to hold the appropriate hook or dpn
makes for a quick find when trying to fix something

the contents...
the usual gauge thingy, markers in all shapes & sizes
notepad, a few quarters for snacks or coffee, shop cards & the bands of currents projects,
a eraser, crochet hooks, (stored in a travel case for a toothbrush), tape measure, finger cots, 
 row/stitch counter, sticky flags, lotions, dental floss (i use floss for life lines)
 little container of various needles,
cable needle, scissors, band-aid, pens, pencils, highlighter, back scratcher, (my littles love this!)
yarn of my current project
 i love seeing what's in notion boxes, sewing boxes and peoples purses...
does this make me weird????

my knitting basket....reminds me of the basket my granny had

it folds up so you can carry it by the handles
it has a little zippered pocket inside that i stick a few notions in when on the go

care to share the contents of your  knitting bag, box or tin?



  1. The hat is awesome! I have not used quince & co yarn yet, but everyone I see who has used it raves about it. It's on my "must try" list for this year.

    Thank you for sharing your notions box and knitting bag. I will have to share mine on the blog sometime this week. I love "snooping" in others' project bags. How fun!

    1. thanks melonie! i'm almost done & i love how it turned out~ quince yarn was the perfect choice! they have nice yarns in beautiful colors & great customer service~

  2. I agree with Melonie -- Quince & Co is on my must try list and I love getting a glance into other people's notions and project bags!

    Your notions box looks like you are a skilled crafter! I have so many different little notion pencil cases and one main box. I think I am finally in a place where there are stitchmarkers in all of them and possibly nothing else ;)

    Do you actually gauge with the gauge thingy? I use the needle sizer on mine and that's about it!

    1. hi ellen!
      i do use the gauge thingy~ i'm a very tight knitter so i usually check gauge quince & co is a great yarn company to work with~ i had a question about the weight of yarn i was going to need for a particular pattern. the gal who received my email went as far as to look up the pattern i was anticipating & suggested a better weight than i had picked originally~ they have such beautiful colors, quality yarn & wonderful customer service ~

  3. Ha-ha-ha... we have the same sack scratcher! I got ours in hopes of saving the threshold edges in our home from my grizzly bear. Hugs, Sheri

    1. BACK.... /facepalm. My Kindle has a wicked sense of humor.

    2. *lol* my littles love to get out the claw & scratch and be scratched~ such a simple little thing but they love it!

  4. First off, I love your wintery collage header!! Ooh especially the chicken wire with snow...looks like bee combs! great photo, Katie :)

    And I love seeing what's in people's purses/bags/notion boxes too! hehe :) Your hat is gorgeous!! It looks like it will be so nice and warm.

    I also really like your knitting basket! I have never seen one with handles like that, so great! I hope you have a great week!!

    1. thanks jesse~ i'm so close to completing the hat & given that we have a few more months of cold weather, he'll get lots of use yet this year~ the header pictures were all taken in & around our woods~
      good to know i'm not the only one who is curious about the contents of purses, bags & such things...*lol*
      hope you're staying warm!

  5. I especially love the straw to hold the needles. The hat is looking amazing.

    Love of Cuteness

    1. thanks! i finished the hat yesterday and i love it~ more important, the hubs loves it! i'm anxious to work on other things! thanks for stopping by~