Thursday, January 17, 2013

gods art work~

my blog has been looking a little gray as of late

i like gray

i find it soothing & comforting

last night i glanced out the east window and noticed the woods reflected a pale pink

that's always an indication if you walk to the west side of the house

you'll be in for a beautiful sunset

last night...this was the view when i walked around the corner

breathtaking beauty


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KAL....part 2

this kal  is so much fun!

i love the toe!

the second part of crimple is lace & it's charted

i was a little intimidated when i saw the chart for the first time

my only attempt at a chart was only 8 little rows

this is 32!

for me, this is HUGE!

but it hasn't been difficult at all

i run lifelines....lots of them!

i use dental floss to run lifelines for a couple reasons

1. it's slippery & thin

2. unlike yarn, there are no fibers so it doesn't get caught on your working yarn

3. it makes your work minty fresh

so far so good!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

knit purl hunter KAL

i'm starting out the year with a KAL (knit a long)

i'm already behind...*lol*

this KAL is with michelle hunter of knit purl hunter

i love her teaching method and how she writes patterns

if you are unfamiliar with KAL...

you knit along with others on line

and post pictures of your project as you go if you like

this particular KAL is a mystery....are all KAL's a mystery?

i don't know?  i've only participated in two and they have both been mysteries

you are given the pattern & directions but not a picture of the finished object

kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without the box!

so far what i know is....

the sock is called crimple (cute name!)

it is a toe up sock..(.new method for me) i usually do cuff down patterns

 the toe has a it! toes on socks are usually plain

the second part, the going to be lace 

the instructions are charted which is also kind of new to me

i'm also knitting with square needles....i know! how odd is that?

square needles are suppose to be easier on your hands

my hand are getting old...they need easy

if you want to follow along with the KAL

here's a link!

more about michelle


Monday, January 7, 2013


winter is here......but not for long

in ohio the forecast is 60 for friday

how's the weather in your little corner of the world?


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

so long 2012.....hello 2013!

i'm looking forward to 2013
a new year, a new calendar, a fresh start 
out with the old, in with the new

no resolutions for about you?
2012 was a tough year for our family
we endured loss...the kind that leaves your heart broken

and leaves you wondering if the ache that remains

will stay with you forever

you move forward
one day at a time

and find joy and purpose in life again

the littles certainly help me find that joy

and one thing for certain...

they don't allow you to get to swallowed up in the past!



in true littles style
we started out our new year with sledding, hot chocolate & roasting hotdogs on the fire 
this little wasn't too sure about all this
 snow, cold & sometimes the inability to stay upright
the one couldn't get enough of it!
the smile on this ones face tells you she was having a blast!

the deppens in lots & lots of layers
this little guy figured out if you get to the bottom
of the hill & cry...
grampie will carry you up!
we finished up the afternoon by roasting hotdogs on the fire
sides of chips, baked beans, fruit cups & hot chocolate with peppermint sticks
it was a perfect first day of the year