Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a little merry christmas on his noggin~

merry christmas hubs!!!!...albeit late

he loves it & it's a perfect fit

his wife just underestimated her ability to complete the project on time

yarn: quince & co

needle: addi turbo size 0

started: december 1st, 2013

completed: january 15, 2014   yeah!!!!!

ravelry page & notes:  katieb663

thanks to megan ellinger for the help along the way!



  1. Ta Da! It looks great, the fit looks great! Yay I like it. I am still reeling at the idea of size 0 needles. 2s for socks are only okay because it's a small round. This is definitely a hero knit!

    1. thnaks ellen! i really like it and so does he....win win~ it was a LOT of stitches for sure and while i really like it, i'm glad its off the needles and on his noggin!

  2. It's a true labour of love. The size 0s are worth it when the recipient is happy.

  3. Wow, that's a great looking hat..nice job. I bet it will warm your hubby's heart too, every time he wears it. xo

  4. It looks fabulous! I love the way it looks on the top - great job :) Hugs to you!

  5. Oh, it's gorgeous! I know it's warm too. This is such a great pattern, and yarn choice. You did a fabulous job!