Monday, July 29, 2013

it's a zoo out there!

the weather has been great for an ohio summer

albeit unusual

temps in the 70's during the day & 50's at night

not great for pools & beaches but perfect for visiting the zoo

the flamingos are my favorite

i didn't know this until one of the zoo volunteers told us

but the grey mounds are nest

she said they have a smoothed out hole for the eggs

this little family of monkey's was not behind glass.....

thankfully, this guy was
(a bit intimidating don't you think?)

when my son worked at this zoo, he said there was a waiting list for this volunteer job

and who wouldn't want to let this little one nap on their lap?

hey's soloman!!!

do you have a favorite at the zoo?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

motivation, support, prizes & pretties

there are a couple of fun things taking place in blogland

andi from my sisters knitter is hosting knit a long/crochet a long

this kal/cal is to help you finish those projects that you started but lost your enthusiasm

 somewhere along the way....

you know the ones

they are buried in your knitting basket


stuck in a project bag

socks with no toes, sweaters with one arm, gloves with no fingers...

there is hope i tell you!!!!!!

 we knitters & crocheters who start projects, will finish up or two or three or twenty projects

with the support of each other with this KAL/CAL

and if that isn't enough to coax you into joining...there are PRIZES!

you can read all about it at my sisters knitter or ravelry

below, you'll find my unfinished projects...

the pattern is favorite scarf ever the yarn started out to be a pair of socks but 
the pattern was lost with this yarn so i frogged and it's on it's way to a scarf
it has been on it's way for well over a year...
i like it but i'm wondering if my two sides are going to match?
it may get frogged...again

this is addy's tiny tea leaves sweater...the pattern is easy
and is going pretty quickly!

this is the "V" sock out of socktopus
this too is coming along well
(said she with one unfinished sock)
if it were going to be a spa sock, i would be half way there!
it's not going to be a spa sock but...just saying

these are the three projects that i AM going to finish for the KAL

i would love for you to join me & andi would love it too!


there is a tea cup exchange over at Enchanting Rose

thanks to sherri at little house in paradise for sharing the info

stop by and visit these girls...they have the loveliest tea cups & two of my favorite blogs


Thursday, July 11, 2013


lately i've had a love hate relationship with technology

i love when it works

i hate when it doesn't

don't we all feel that way?

for 14 months i have fought with a HP computer

it's been returned for repairs 3 times
i've made a bazillion phone calls
(well, close to a bazillion)

it has been formatted 4 times

meaning each & every time i had to reload everything

ohhhhh, if only that computer worked as well as my iphone....sigh

long story made a bit shorter..

they (HP) finally sent me a replacement

it's been one whole day and no problems!!!!!

that's longer than the last computer ...and i'm not exaggerating

this has windows 8 which has thrown me into a snit

anyone else using 8?


Monday, July 1, 2013

on my needles~

something seems amiss if i don't have a sock in the works

i've been working on sweaters for the littles

loving the tiny tea leaves pattern!

i borrowed socktopus from the library

ahhh, so many socks, so little time

i thought this pattern looked interesting and a maybe a bit of a challenge

it's called v sock & it isn't difficult at all

(said she who has knit all of 4

the V i think has something to do with vampires?

the yarn, misti alpaca, was in my stash

 with nice fall colors and a few months between now and september

maybe, just maybe, i'll have a pair of socks to wear in the fall!

what's on your needles?