Friday, May 3, 2013

zoo day!

isn't she so very sweet!

her parents invited me to go to the zoo with them

it was a perfectly sunny & warm day

(love the little braids) 


columbus zoo has a wonderful polar bear exhibit

and a pouty lipped monkey

we rode the train

attempted to measure her up to the other bears... 

attempted mind you, you have to be pretty fast with the

then off to cuzzins for ice cream

and finished off the day with some silly faces

it was a fun day!

what's your favorite exhibit at the zoo?



  1. I love everything at the zoo. Your post has reminded me it has been a while since I visited. I will need to rectify that!
    And oh my goodness, those braids are the best. She is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt.

  2. Such a fun day and the first picture is beautiful! I just love my little peanut!