Friday, May 31, 2013

littles & cousins ~addy & iris~

as a child, did you make a clothes line tent?

i did & we practically lived in one during the summer

i remember getting in trouble for taking sheets & blankets

being a kid, i didn't care if i pounded holes into my moms sheets or blankets

we had a house to build & build we did!

we would use the peg type clothes pins for our tent stakes

or we would use bricks or rocks to hold down the sides

we ate & slept in our homemade home

our lunches consisted of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & potato chips

washed down with gallons of kool-aid

and the sleeping in our homemade home.....well, that probably lasted until it got dark

or until we heard a scary noise

or the ornery boys in the neighborhood snuck up on us

and removed clothespins or bricks, causing our home to collapse

as a kid, i lived for summer

as an adult...i still do!

i made the littles a tent....they took right to it with babies in hand

they are younger than i was but they get the idea

do you have a fond childhood memory?



  1. I was lucky to have sheets and blankets for the beds in the summer!! And the load of sand in the back corner of the yard was a busy place. I bet I have spoons still buried there.!!!

  2. Such sweet photos. I am fortunate to have some great childhood memories. But seeing your lovely photos remind me of when I used to give my little sister's doll, Charlie "stitches". For whatever reason, Charlie had one bad arm that always "fell" off. I would do my best to stitch it back on. The arm sort of bent the wrong way. I was probably 11. I still can't sew! We would put wash clothes on her during her "recovery". Good times. Thanks for the memories!

  3. These sweet imagines reminded me of times when my sister and sometimes friends would make tents, by laying sheets over the backyard clotheslines. Sometimes we would even sleep out there overnight.
    Wonder pictures you have for the littles to enjoy into their adulthood!