Thursday, May 23, 2013

a finished project...yea!!!!!

i've been wanting to do a shawl
as luck would have it

knit purl hunter was doing a knit a long

i participated in a sock knit a long one other time

but i didn't finish with the group


i did finish the socks

i did finish the other sock...just haven't taken a picture~

this project took me out of my comfort zone

i started over time & time again
dental floss became my bestest friend as i ran many,many lifelines

there were several first for me with this project

a chart that read back & forth
working with three skeins

the ridgely was a challenge for certain

but i stuck with it and finished in time to enter the drawing
 which i did not win...
my goal  was not to win a prize
 (although a set of addi clicks would have been nice )
 but to challenge myself & and to add new skills to my knitting repertoire

this project definitely did that for me

the girls in the group were very helpful & supportive
seeing all the wonderful yarn combinations made me want to knit another shawl
if you haven't knit with cobasi, give it a try! 
it's lightweight & stretchy in a combination of  COtton, BAmboo, & SIlk
perfect for summer!



  1. I love the shawl. Lifelines are brilliant! I will have to try that. Your knitting process looks so organized, I'm in envy.

  2. Oh my goodness. This shawl is beautiful! Love the color combinations you selected. The socks are quite fantastic as well.