Friday, March 27, 2015

i have a little addiction...

it all started with the blanket below
jesse's blanket...there i said it....she is my enabler :)

jesse is a beautiful knitter and always inspires me with her projects
take a look at the socks this girl knits.....amazing!

with the help from Andi of my sisters knitter , the inspiration of jesse & ravelry,
my addiction began.

Andi (my other enabler) was sweet & fed my addiction by send mini skeins to get me started & sent
me to a video on you tube to help me along~

sock yarn blanket tutorial

and tea...she sent one of her favorite teas :)

look at those little bitty skeins..those are andi's
(my yarn is the messy looking balls)
how could you not fall in love

oh the fun this is! 

my favorite part of this project is adding yarn from projects that i have knit
and adding yarn given to me from friends 
so many memories in a single project

if anyone is interested in starting this project & would like me to send
you some mini skeins, just drop me a line :)

xo ~ a special thanks to andi & jesse  ~xo



  1. Believe me, this is far more addictive than you have any idea right now. I've made THREE of these blankets....and will most likely make another one someday. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  2. Oooh, you're definitely having so much fun! So, beautiful. :-)

  3. Yay for addictions! Jesse's blanket is inspiring. Every time I would see a picture I would want to add another square. Your blanket is looking so lovely!!

  4. They are fantastic women. It's a no brainer why you got addicted to this project.

  5. Oh girllllll, you've got it BAD!!!! And that's GOOD!

  6. I love the excitement I can read in your blog post. Bravo!

  7. Haha! Dee sums it up best!

    But i completely agree with you. Andi and Jesse are so good at enabling. They have both fueled my sock knitting love like nobody's business.

    Your blanket is going to be fantastic. I think these are very pretty photos :) Full of heart.

  8. I can understand that becoming an addiction. I suppose because I'm a new knitter, each project I do is addicting. I get so excited to finish. And then to get on to the next one! Those itty bitty skeins are adorable

  9. Love, love, love your blanket :) Andi is the biggest enabler I've met, and the sweetest too :)