Saturday, May 9, 2015

jeez louise....i haven't posted in a long time!

i should have titled this post...the sock yarn blanket continues

it's so much fun that i have a hard time working on anything else!

 i did find a tutorial on rope baskets & i've been having lots of fun with those

 it hasn't been all blanket knitting all the time but most of the time

here's my blanket progress so far...

i have to say my favorite part of this project
is swapping yarn with the ladies of my sisters knitter~ yarn blanket swapping group

my first swap was from andi (insert... enabler enabler enabler....but in a very good way :)) which i blogged about here

i joined the yarn blanket swap and switched with these ladies...
let me tell ya, it was a fun mail week! 
who doesn't like to receive anything addressed by hand

peggy  from the same state as myself sent this package of goodness

just look at all those pretty little balls of yarn & a sweet card too!
it's been hard not to pop them out & start casting on but mothers day is
around the corner & i've got mothers day goodies to create :)


laura sent chocolate AND yarn! chocolate with peanuts, my favorite!
i only have the cream color left to add
fun yarn & chocolate candy....what more could a girl want?

thanks ladies! i love having a part of you knit into my blanket :)

it's spring time in ohio and if you are a gardener, it's time to dig in the dirt
we ( i say we but i did very little of the work) converted to raised beds last year

we love it!  
this year the hubs added another bed & a little hoop house
the littles have a cabin near by & we have plans of a little flower bed project to 
make their cabin a bit more cozy
they even have a little clothes line in the back~

how's your spring?

(wanna swap yarn?)



  1. is my spring? Feeling like SUMMER today. Can you believe? We are already into the mid 90s.

    I think I need to find a nice air conditioned coffee shop and break out some sock knitting. :-)

  2. Don't feel bad. I haven't posted since February, but once you come back it feels good and makes ppl smile. You need to watch out. When you're done with this blanket, I may run by and steal it from you!

  3. Katie!!! I know the addiction caught me 3 (THREE) times. Yep, I made that mitered square blanket 3 times. (Being totally obsessed with finger wt yarn, I probably have enough leftovers for several more blankets, but I'd love to share some with you!) I'm woolythyme1 on can send me your snail mail address there!!!! :) Happy knitting!

  4. Your blanket is coming along so nicely. I love all the colors used. Yarn swaps are always so much fun. Glad you enjoyed yours. :-)

  5. I've been enjoying watching these sock blankets knit up. I am not making one, but I'd love to send you some sock scraps if you would like. I don't know if you have a cut off time. June-ish? Ping me if you're interested :)

  6. wow, can I ever hear the excitement in your voice through your writing in this post. Happy Knitting!

  7. Your blanket is looking beautiful, Katie!!!
    Happy to enable you. This is one of those brilliant projects that will bring hours of lovely knitting hours. :)