Sunday, February 15, 2015

I know better but I did it anyway...

Pipers Journey....and a journey it has been!

First let me begin by saying I received this pattern for my birthday last year
from my friend Andi over at My Sisters Knitter 
Thank you Andi!

It is a Quince & Company pattern (Andi knows me well :)
I ordered Quince & Company yarn (heavenly yarn)

now...had only they included a little note in my package that said


they did not
i did not

i don't really blame Quince & Co., i know better...i really really do
i have only myself to blame  :(

this is pipers journey  take 1

pretty little bandanna don't ya think?
it's suppose to be a shawl
 ( it was a very little shawl)

i knew in my heart it was small but i thought it could be a nice scarf
(it was even little for a scarf!)

i had completed the pattern & thought hmmmmmm
the picture on the pattern wraps around her neck twice...
mine wrapped once, and barely that

the above picture is done
 except for the lace section which doesn't make it longer, only a few inches wider 
but i forged ahead & added the lace

(insert cuss words here)

(insert more cuss words here)

so gauge is important you say 
ok, i'll give this gauge thing a shot
suggested needle size 6....well you see how that worked out
so i tried size 7...nope
size 8...right on the money

this is pipers journey take two

it's already bigger than journey 1 and i'm only half way on the length

so lesson learned

gauge does matter

(take everything everyone ever told you about gauge & insert here)

to be continued....



  1. It's looking good after your trials of gauge.

  2. hee hee.....I've 'NEVER' done that!!! (you believe that, right?)

  3. XO!
    Sorry about the gauge issue. Been there done that...and if you could believe I still have not learned my lesson.

  4. Oh no, that's the worst when so much work has gone in. I'm guilty of the same thing though... it is so tempting to just start the knitting. Take 2 looking lovely x

  5. Sorry about the do-over, but the second time will be a charm. :-)

  6. Oh yes the old get gauge thing. I always say I'm gonna and I never do. I feel you. Do you think this is a turning point? Was this the painful one that has changed you forever an ever?

  7. LOL ---- Yikes! I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. Guess I had better take your lesson to heart before I start any sweaters. LOL

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