Tuesday, March 10, 2015

gardening......and so it begins!

i can't speak for everyone
i think just about everyone i know has had their share of winter!

this has been the scene at our house for most of the past month...
(our house looks crooked...lol)


the first of the gardening catalogs have been showing up in the mailbox
giving us hope that spring will indeed show itself  :)

the hubs & i started planning the garden today....yeah!!!!!!
the peas, according to my grandad, should go in the ground on st. patricks day

we did raised beds last year so this year will be easy peasy compared to last

are you planning on planting anything this year?



  1. Look at all the snow?!?

    Oh Katiebee, you are the cutest. I want to see you grow some peas. I can't grow anything. I'm killing an office plant. This one didn't make it a month!

    1. oh i hope we have peas! i would think a office would be a challenging place to keep plants alive....especially those without windows~

  2. We have some pepper plants on the porch. We are hoping they produce some scorching hot peppers.

    I have my orchids --- some doing well. Some not so much. But, I have hope that when the humidity comes back, so will they.

    I love your house and the JEEP! Well, that's the bee's knees!

    1. aw thanks! we like the house although i feel my soul resides in the south...near the water :)

  3. Ah, there is the porch we are going to knit on when I come to visit. :) I have complete and total snow envy.
    Your home looks beautiful.
    Can't wait to see all the goodness that comes out of your garden!

  4. I really, really, really want to garden this spring. My raised beds went a whole year with no use, so they need reviving. If anything, I hope to at least have fresh herbs and tomatoes. *fingers crossed*