Thursday, October 30, 2014

two post in one week???

i attribute it to over an indulgence of halloween treats :)

i've been reading about natural silver cleaners & since i'm out of my tube o chemicals
i thought i would give one of the mixtures a try...

hideous i know

the ingredients are vinegar, baking soda, salt, hot (boiling) water & foil

this is the result

the two knives on the right are uncleaned as is the fork on the right
big difference!

side by side

all in all this solution worked well!
i used a microfiber cloth as it suggest but still had a slight filmy look 
so after drying with the microfiber cloth, i used a jewelers cloth & that produced a nice shine
one other note....
as soon as the solution cooled down, it no longer worked :(

my daughter babs gifted the hubs & i with the coffee spoons for our anniversary
every morning i'm reminded of her sweetness :)
the teacup was a gift from my's my absolute favorite!
everything taste better out of a pretty cup don't you agree?

tea anyone?


  1. I'll be right over for some tea. ;-)

    Earl Grey is my favorite.

    I've used that cleaner also --- it doesn't stay clean quite as long, but it doesn't do as much damage to the silver either. My silver spoons are baby spoons that were my dad's when he was a baby. They are quite worn so I don't want to make them any worse.

  2. This post brings me back to the days my mum had me polish the silver for big ohana dinners.

  3. What a great cleaning tip! I know someone who will appreciate this. No silverware in my house, hehe, but lots of tea. I'm with Dee and think Earl Grey is my favorite.