Wednesday, October 29, 2014

has it been a month?

yes, it' has been a month since my last post!
sheesh, rather than getting better with this blogging business
i am getting worse :(

i have been getting some wip's off the needles while not blogging
and that's always a good thing!
i've also (while not blogging)  cast on several projects & frogged others

i'm working on socks for the hubs...

i don't remember when i started?
did i enter the info on ravelry?

clearly i'm struggling with technology & the ability to keep things up to date...
my ravelry project page is no exception

the pattern is the hubband sock
# 2 addi's, magic loop, toe up
malabrigo in #858 arbol 
beautiful yarn but maybe not a great choice for durability on socks...we'll see

happy halloween!


p.s.  i did enter info onto my ravelry page...sept 3rd was the start date
almost two months ago , hmmmmmmm


  1. Love those socks. Love the yarn bowl even more!!!

    I knit a pair of Malabrigo socks and they have held up pretty well.

  2. 2 months for socks, meh that's nothing. i've got some marathon socks going in the background. The colorway is really nice and seasonally appropriate no less! I'm sure the socks will hold up just fine. Handmade socks are so awesome, I'm learning this more and more, including from non knitters!

  3. thank you for your sweet comment welcoming me back…I honestly wonder if anyone reads my blog…your knitting is beautiful, I haven't knit socks yet and I hope this will be the season I cast on…two at the same time so there'll be finished as a pair…I know I have a terrible track record of 85% on projects!! Happy Halloween!!!!

  4. Whenever you post is a great time! Miss your face. Those socks are fantastic and a gorgeous color. Should I say manly instead of gorgeous since they are for hubby? XO

  5. Well, you might be missing online, but those socks look great! At least you have something to show for it. :-)

  6. There is great texture in that sock pattern. And what a great, fall colorway. I've been away that long too.