Wednesday, November 12, 2014

it's that time....

we are having a beautiful fall here in ohio but

the dipping temps are a reminder that winter is just around the corner

our primary heat source is wood & while i love the coziness of a fire,

it is messy & loads of work for the hubs

we've had the same log carrier for 10 years

it serves the purpose of carrying in logs,
but it doesn't contain the mess
and wood is messy

soooo, i started searching online for something more efficient
i found several options but all expensive...$60 & up for a canvas bag plus shipping
i had an idea....
i used duck cloth & dowel,
 broke 5 needles & spent the better part of a day
making a pattern
i only spent $6.00 on fabric,( joanns had a 60%off coupon) $2.00 on dowel & $5.00 to replace needles
the thread i had : )

it is exactly what i had in mind!



  1. Excellent work! You definitely rose to the challenge. I love the idea of you knitting in front of a cold weather fire with your family :)

  2. What a good idea. I need something like this for coal LOL

  3. That is some great tinkering there.

  4. That is EXCELLENT!

    That crazy cold weather is going to dip all the way down to Florida. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, but then..................COLD!!!!