Saturday, March 15, 2014

can you knit too many pairs of socks???

a completed pair from scrap yarn for the monstersockkal

lots of tails to weave in!

this was a fun project and a first for me
i've never knit socks from odds & ends of yarn

i'm excited to start another scrappy pair 

have you joined any kal's?
any new projects?
trying a new stitch?



  1. No, you can never have too many hand knit socks. I am on a mission to knit 100 pairs!
    Love your scrappy socks.

  2. Obviously you can't because people still keep knitting them. LOL! Cute pair.

  3. Not possible to have too many pairs :)
    Especially when they are this cute!

  4. Never enough. I love the stripes. Scrap sock yarn knit into socks is genius!

  5. No, you can never have too many socks. This message comes from my obese sock drawer.
    Your scrappy socks are wonderful Katie!

  6. I love your socks, Katie!!! yay for a new pair! And nope, you can never ever have too many socks :):) I've decided I have plenty of winter socks (long socks) but now I want to knit more warm weather socks! As soon as I finish a few projects, I'm going to knit a bunch of Turkish bed socks and ankle socks!