Saturday, March 8, 2014

another first...


 "why have you never knit anklets?" i ask myself???
they were quick, easy and will be cozy & warm
i love em'!

yarn shop goodies

my favorite yarn swift

found this little gem at a flea market for $2.00

i think this yarn screams tye dye & peace signs

heart rock i found on vacation

yarn algeria

what's your favorite sock pattern?



  1. Lovely yarn. What a great flea find! I need one of those.

  2. Great yarn swift! :-)

    The ankle socks are gorgeous too. Beautiful yarn.

  3. Hermione's Everyday sock are my favorite pattern. Love your anklets.
    Love your yarn swift, I can see why it's a fav. :)

  4. being brand new to knitting, I haven't yet made socks though I plan to do so. Love your yarn swift :) ... mine is the back of a chair -- no where near as interesting!

  5. Awesome Swift! Looks like a keeper :) The anklets in that yarn look beautiful. I will knit the Hermione pattern this year, I will! Meanwhile, I will enjoy your lovely knits.

  6. my favorite swift is the back of the chair....yours is much more personable!!! A real keeper. Love the anklets!!!