Thursday, February 21, 2013

one down.... and almost all of one to go~

i didn't complete the kal


i did however, complete one sock!

(and the crowds roar)

and i have a good start on the second sock

(clapping in the background)

i really like the pattern and the yarn is very nice to work with as well


in the previous post i told you all that i was trying kollage's square needles

sorry to say

i'm not a big fan

not because they are square but because the join made it difficult to move your yarn across

causing frustration & causing me to knit even slower than normal

i sent kollage a email and they were kind enough to send me a second improved set

honestly, i didn't notice much difference

on the upside

 they fit comfortably in your hands

 you would never know they are square


 they are a company that stands behind their product!

i'll give them another try with different yarn...who knows!

what kind of needles do you favor?


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  1. *this post was left by my son...*lol* he knows nothing about knitting or needles, but he does know how to make me laugh*

    I prefer a 2 gauge needle when I am weaving alpaca carpets. They are round and about the size of a baseball bat. They get heavy....