Sunday, February 24, 2013

can you cut the mustard?

several months ago

my friend barbara gifted me a jar of her homemade apple mustard

we slathered it on lots of things

sausages & peppers, ham sandwiches, cheese & crackers

oh it was yummy!

until i dropped the jar & broke it (insert sad face here)

i haven't had a good mustard since  

so i decided to try my hand at making mustard

the homemade pantry has a recipe for mustard

so it seemed this was a good place to start

it's certainly easy enough to make & not a lot of fussy ingredients

after allowing the flavors to mingle for several days

we enjoyed the spicy concoction on italian sausages with peppers & mushrooms

crackers & cheese

sandwiches....and well

anything you would normally put mustard on,

we slathered it with ours

it's so yummy on pita chips with a bit of swiss & topped with bean sprouts

since trying this recipe

 i've googled & found lots of mustard recipes that i'm excited to give a try

did you know.....

Cut the mustard


To succeed; to come up to expectations.

it certainly did meet our expectations!



  1. You are the second blogger that I have read, that has tried her hand at fun! xo

  2. Apple mustard sounds yummy. I've never thought of making my own mustard-- I'm going to look in to it. Thanks!

  3. I love mustard on everything! I can't even imagine how wonderful homemade mustard must be. Going to have to try. Although I am still dreaming of the peanut butter fudge your made for Love day.