Monday, February 4, 2013

knitting & the kindness of friends...

hey all!

it's been a bit since my last post....

a sort of 
kind of
 new years resolution was to post once a week.... much for resolutions!

i've put my knitting on hold for the sock KAL as the needles i was using were giving me fits~ 

they were square needles which are suppose to be easier on your hands

i'm not sure if they were easy on my hands as the join made

it difficult to move your yarn across causing lots stress on my wrist~

 i do magic loop so this was a issue

i sent a email to the company and within a week i had a new set of needles!

yeah for companies that stand behind their products!  thanks kollage!

on the knitting front...

i have not accomplished a finished project in a while

i'm not sure where my knitting mojo went????

i tried a hat for my little "iris....4 attempts!!!!!!  

it was a simple pattern which i should have breezed through

instead after much frustration, i tossed it in the fireplace

childish i know, but i felt better

i know i will knit again....but not that hat!


on to the kindness of friends....

i have a blogging friend... Andi

she's such a sweetheart

while my blog lacks lots of followers

i enjoy a kindred relationship with the ones who do follow 

andi is one of those friends

the hubs came from the mailbox and said " you have a package"

me? i didn't order anything~

it was from andi

andi knits..........

andi knits beautifully

the color combinations & patterns she pairs them with...

always beautiful!

hop on over to her blog and you'll see exactly what i mean

and while you're there, check out her sisters blog...

(she really does knit for her sister!)

beautiful photography

i was the lucky recipient of a hand knit by andi

my favorite color....gray

i keep it on the back of my chair

 and whenever i feel a chill,

 i wrap up in what is warm, cozy and a wonderful reminder of friendship

thanks're the best! 



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  1. Much deserved gift for such a wonderful friend! Thank you, you did my knit justice with your beautiful photography.
    Good luck with the socks. Knitting is supposed to be enjoyable, so well done Kollage indeed.