Monday, September 8, 2014

hello fall hello sock wearing season!

ta dah!!!!

oh happy day, a finished project!

loved this pattern & yarn


yarn: malabrigo sock gifted by the lovely ellen

needles: addi turbo #2

it's fall here in ohio which means

leaves & temperatures start falling
it's pumpkin EVERYTHING!

a festival of some sort every weekend
next weekend is the wool favorite fall festival

there's yarn...soooooo much yarn
fiber, spindles,wheels,patterns, jewelry,
cows, goats, alpaca's llama's, border collies,sheep
crafts for the littles, food for all, demonstrations,
even a barrel ride!
really, what more could one want?

do you have a favorite fall festival?


  1. lucky lucky you!!! great new socks---and temps to go with them. I live close.....kentucky isn't that far away....please send some fall weather our way!!!

  2. Fall is the best! Your socks came out beautiful! Thanks again for using my pattern :) .. Kate

  3. Hip, hip hooray for these happy, finished socks. I like the pirple family color. It is so cool how you have all these fun, fall festivals. I need to see what's happening here but I doubt anyyjing exciting like what you have.

  4. Actually, that is what I miss MOST about living up north. We don't have fall festivals down here. At least, none that I have found.

    Your new socks are perfect. I printed out the pattern too. :-)