Thursday, September 11, 2014

from the 1930's to present day~

the hubs & i went to a household auction last summer
& scored this 1930's dresser for $14.50

it's steel & except for a few blemishes on the paint,
it is in great condition!


it has all the original hardware including the rolling casters

during the remodel of our kitchen, we replaced our portable dishwasher with a built it
while we love the new dishwasher,
we were now short a work surface!

we looked at different options & decided on this...

after lots of stripping, sanding, cussing....yep, lots of cussing
we now have just what we were looking for!
not only a great work surface, but extra storage
and when you have a little kitchen, you're always looking
for ways to increase storage...cause ya know, i need a place for all those kitchen gadgets!

the hubs made a cutting board surface from the cutout of the sink area
of our butcher block counter top

it's perfect!


  1. It looks great. $14.50 and some cussing brought you a great piece.

  2. Dang, you're good. Can I send my nanny dresser to you to modernize it for my Cupcake?

  3. It IS perfect! It's gorgeous. I love the re-purposing, the price and the color.

    I like you more cause now I know you cuss when needed as well. Good job team!

  4. what a great idea and so practical -- love that you got it for such a bargain too. I'm really keen on repurposing. You should post this on Pinterest (if you 'do' Pinterest, that is). :)

  5. This is brilliant Katie. You would never know it was the same desk. Beautiful work!