Monday, May 19, 2014

happenings on the hill & on my needles~

hope you all had a good weekend

we cleaned the barn & while it's not my favorite thing to do, i love the feeling when it's done!

we're also (and i say "we" although i do very little of the work) making raised beds

we've battled with our soil since we moved here 10 years ago

for years we have tried to amend the soil with so so results

this year we took the plunge 

we're (and again i say "we" while doing little this point)

also doing some updating in our kitchen

that project actually started in fall of last year

so far he has added a dishwasher, put the micro above the stove, painted the walls,

installed new baseboard heaters, replaced the counters with butcher block & painted the top cabinets

no hardware's still in the bag

moving along slow but sure!

and while he's working away in the kitchen or the garden

i've been knitting!

( i'll more than make up for lack of work when it's time to can )

this cute little project is the creation of dag, her first pattern!

you can find her creativity here enchanted shorty shrug

my friend jesse from wee pleasures is hosting a kal

it's not too late to join!

what's been keeping you busy?



  1. Love how the cabinets look! Can't wait to see the final result!

  2. Love seeing the kitchen updates! cute cute shrug!

  3. Dishwasher? Dang lady, that's dirty talk! I was eyeing that KAL. I feel like that shrug would be an excellent gift for my SIL, but I really miss knitting socks after all this baby stuff.

  4. I always admire those with a green thumb. How fun to watch your kitchen go through a makeover. You are patient.

  5. Just like you .......spring work around the house. We are repurposing some rooms now that our son is off on his own. And, living in Florida, there is ALWAYS outside yard work.

    It sure does cut into the knitting time!!!

  6. The shrug pattern is adorable... looking forward to seeing yours. Fun house projects too. We've been updating our garden and I desperately need to blitz through the house and get rid of a bunch of junk.