Friday, May 9, 2014

goodness for lunch & on my needles

with spring comes the goodness of asparagus

the hubs grew these....all three of them! 
i added them to this salad featured on skinny taste

its really simple, fast & taste great
the avocado's have a bit of fig balsamic vinegar for dipping
my friend barbara served them this way for lunch & i've been addicted ever since

the cute kerr (ball) jar was made by abbey, my daughter
clever yes?

now on to knitting...

ravelry link socks on a plane
free on ravelry!

the yarn is from black market wool
a new to me yarn source but now one of my favorites!

i often use knit purl hunter's video's as she is very clear & easy for me to understand

i used jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off....ya gotta love that name :)
  link to the bind off

i used size #2 addi's & the larger size on the pattern as i'm a squeaky tight knitter
give em' a try, it's a fun pattern!

happy weekending!



  1. I am thinking i like those size pieces of asparagus you have. It's inspiring. Maybe some roasted pieces like that on a pesto orzo? Served hot with parma first and then i bet it's tasty as a cold salad with some chopped olives and tomatoes or bell peppers the next day! oooo. I love saying snakes on a plane. Your socks look great! Thanks for the Black Market Wool tip!

  2. When my dear Mother used to grow asparagus, she always had one or two or three to eat. It pleased her so though I know she always wished for more. Love your current project and that darling yarn bowl!

  3. golly! That asparagus looks delicious! That is my favorite thing about spring .....asparagus at EVERY meal. LOL

    Your socks are very pretty too!

    I found your blog mentioned at Ellen's blog! Congrats on the win. :-)

  4. I like how you know how you knit so well. That is a fun, wowza, variegated green. How'd you cook the asparagus? We love that veggie here. I usually pan-roast them.