Thursday, February 27, 2014

oh the love...

i love the process of baking bread

the measuring, mixing & kneading

i love that simple ingredients produce such goodness
with so little effort

i love peeking in the oven to watch the rising progress

then punching down the dough & forming into loaves

and ohhhhh, that moment you pull it from the oven....
the aroma alone makes my mouth water

it's hard to allow it to cool before slicing into it!

this recipe is from brown eyed baker

she wasn't exaggerating when she said this recipe produces a "ginormous" loaf

it truly is huge & could easily be made into two loaves

last night we enjoyed slices still warm from the oven with a big pot of goulash

the next few days we'll enjoy toast, both regular & french, toasted croutons for salads
 & breadcrumbs to top casseroles

do you have a favorite bread recipe?



  1. Mmmmmmm bread. My weak spot. I cam almost smell it.

  2. hmm yum! I love the smell of whole making bread process.. My go to recipe is the honey rolls by kelsey on the cooking channel, I bake them in the cast iron and they are deeelish!

  3. That looks so good! There's nothing that smells as homely as fresh baked bread... Mmmmmm

  4. Your bread baking photo shoot makes me want to give baking it a try. The gray and drizzle finally feels a bit like winter here, perhaps this is the weekend for me to try. Enjoy your bread and weekend:)

  5. Oh Katie, your bread looks so good I can almost taste it! Love your great vintage bowl too...very nice!
    I'd love it if you would share your goulash recipe, I haven't heard anyone talk of that recipe in years.

    I only make bread in my machine and am in awe of you ladies that just mix up a loaf :)

    Have a great weekend my friend. xo

  6. I have not made a successful batch of homemade bread not once. (Not including quick breads). Maybe one day because yours looks delicious. :-)

  7. I too love the process of making bread. I've recently (in the past couple months) switched from an old recipe I had to making all kinds of versions of Jim Lahey's Artisan No-Knead bread. But I also still make a regular dinner bun that is so full of flavour and goodness (it's also the same one I use for cinnamon buns).