Tuesday, October 29, 2013

looks a lot like me...

the pixie drew a picture of me...

there are many mornings my hair looks just like this.... 

and there are some days that i am wide eyed as shown ...

and there are moments that i feel like my arms are missing hands 

and coming out of the place my ears should be

and then there are days i do walk like my legs have no feet and they are coming out of my chin

i love that she sees me with a big ole smile and no torso (hence the smile)


there were a few inaccuracies 

 there is no part of my body that resembles sticks or straight lines

nor do i have a cute little button nose like the one she gave me

and i need glasses...

but other than that...she is right on



  1. The picture is adorable! It's fun to see how the wee ones see us. Big smile is the most telling part - lots of love and happiness there. x

  2. Love the Love in this picture and post.