Tuesday, August 27, 2013

kinda corny & a kitchen tip~

and so the squirreling continues

i went into town to have lunch with my mom and to  hit up a few garage sales & to buy corn

(we don't grow corn as it is like candy to the raccoon's )

i know, i know

you can buy canned corn all ready to dump into a pan

but there is nothing better than fresh corn

the hubs being the good guy that he is

removed all the husk

a quick bath & a scrub to remove the silk

into a pot of scalding water

onto a rack to cool

and here's the nifty part

use a angel food cake pan! 

 this makes for easy removal of the corn from the cob


catches it all in the pan

i learned this tip from rachael ray

corn goodness

 i double bag & squish out the air & use those twist ties

that are growing by the hundreds in my junk drawer

throw in the freezer & enjoy that when everyone else is eating

that awful canned corn, we'll be enjoying fresh corn

even lucy loves corn!

she grabbed a cob & ran as fast as she could

(to the living room on the rug of course)



  1. Yum! My husband and I like to put up fresh corn and freeze it as well. There is nothing better :) I did not think about using an angel food cake pan - brilliant! I use an electric knife to take the kernels off :) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. Mmm that summer corn looks sweet and tasty! I think it's so funny your dog made a run for it w/a cobb. Very cute "get away" photo!