Sunday, August 18, 2013

a bushel and a peck~

i love canning

it's in my blood

the love of gardening and canning was passed down from my granny & granddad

to my mom & dad

and on to me

and i'm happy that my daughter (babs) also has canning fever in her blood

we're all like a family of squirrels...always putting something up for winter

(i think we have a squirrel gene)

we have a garden, but the rabbits ate our green beans....twice!

so...... i was thinking no beans for us   booooo

but then.....

yesterday my mom went to my sister in laws & picked up nearly two bushels of green beans!!!!

she (marianne) had a bumper crop this year and offered her excess to us

i started canning yesterday afternoon & i'm still going strong today

i'm thinking i'll be canning tomorrow as well

given that i now have a surplus of green beans

i'm giving dilly beans a try

green beans bathed in brine & the spicy goodness of garlic, mustard & dill seed & pepper flakes...yum!

ahhhhhh, is there any sound sweeter than that of canning lids popping when they seal

happy canning!



  1. Your photos are great!!! The rabbits ate our beans last year so this year we put bird netting all around the poles and then when they got tall enough and started 'thinking' about getting intertwined in the netting, we took it down. Well, those darned rabbits started eating them at the bottom again so we had to wrap the netting around the bottom..fingers crossed.

    I do love a good dilly bean but fear that we will not have enough, such a blessing that there was a bumper crop and it was shared with you.

    Have fun with your canning, I'll be picturing you and all of your 'popping' lids. xxoo

  2. My grandmother used to can the best pickles ever. To this day I have never found I pickle I love more. Your green beans look wonderful.

  3. Wow, you have certainly bee busy! Everything looks so good. Sometimes I can with my mother-in-law and I must admit that homemade canned vegetables are way better than store bought! Have a lovely day :) Hugs!

  4. Hi, Katiebee,

    Saw you over at Sherri's Little House and thought I'd stop by and say hi to a kindred spirit: canning, freezing, more canning... it's the only way to go.

    So pleased to find your blog.