Thursday, July 11, 2013


lately i've had a love hate relationship with technology

i love when it works

i hate when it doesn't

don't we all feel that way?

for 14 months i have fought with a HP computer

it's been returned for repairs 3 times
i've made a bazillion phone calls
(well, close to a bazillion)

it has been formatted 4 times

meaning each & every time i had to reload everything

ohhhhh, if only that computer worked as well as my iphone....sigh

long story made a bit shorter..

they (HP) finally sent me a replacement

it's been one whole day and no problems!!!!!

that's longer than the last computer ...and i'm not exaggerating

this has windows 8 which has thrown me into a snit

anyone else using 8?


1 comment:

  1. This is not a very good report for HP..they should never have let it go on this long!

    I bought Hubby a laptop with windows 8 on it but he didn't think he would like it so it went back..sorry I can't be of any help with it.

    Hope it all gets sorted out soon. xo