Monday, July 1, 2013

on my needles~

something seems amiss if i don't have a sock in the works

i've been working on sweaters for the littles

loving the tiny tea leaves pattern!

i borrowed socktopus from the library

ahhh, so many socks, so little time

i thought this pattern looked interesting and a maybe a bit of a challenge

it's called v sock & it isn't difficult at all

(said she who has knit all of 4

the V i think has something to do with vampires?

the yarn, misti alpaca, was in my stash

 with nice fall colors and a few months between now and september

maybe, just maybe, i'll have a pair of socks to wear in the fall!

what's on your needles?



  1. Those colors will be perfect for fall and a very pretty pattern.

    I have nothing on sad, indeed. Someday I will though and have not given up hope.

    Have a wonderful 4th, my friend. xo

  2. I love Socktopus!! I don't know how many times I've borrowed it from the library..and I still haven't knit any patterns from it! I just need to buy a copy lol These socks are gorgeous! Maybe they will be the first pattern I knit from it... I just started a 3x1 rib sock for my boyfriend. and maybe I'll cast on something soon with some handspun yarn!

    Happy Fourth, Katie!!

  3. Fabulous!!!! Something is amiss when socks are not on the needles. Lovely progress. :)

  4. Love those socks! (Over from Andi's KAL... thank you for sharing your blog)