Saturday, March 16, 2013

oh how i love america's test kitchen~

homemade pizza rolls

the ingredients were simple

the process was easy, although it does take a bit
because there are so many!

the hubs helped

he's always so good to help me

*xoxo to the hubs*

i allowed the oil to get to hot which caused them to cook too quickly

leaving the filling not quite hot enough to burn that little tiny piece of skin that's between your front teeth

you know that feeling don't you?

the one where you just can't wait another second before biting into something that you know

it scalding hot, but you do it anyway!

(please don't let me be the only one that does that!)

my thermometer isn't

other than having the oil the correct temp

i would dice a little pepperoni and add to the mixture

you can find the recipe here



1 comment:

  1. You are sooo funny...I do know about burning the skin between the two front teeth, I just have never had anyone remind me of it..hahahaha. These yummies just might make me take a bite when too hot though!

    Thanks for sharing, I love A.T.K. also! I just saw a new cookbook at Costco that has the recipes from the show. I'm not sure if you have Costco in your neck of the woods.

    Happy St. Patricks Day !! xo