Tuesday, July 15, 2014

dirt, seed, water & voila!

this is our first year with our raised beds
the hubs has plans for two more by fall

the bed on the left was mowed down by rabbits
the hub replanted & fenced the bed

i see eggplant parmesan in our future :)


i canned 7 pints of green beans yesterday
and we have many more to pick :)

tomatoes glorious tomatoes
the hubs can hardly wait! :) 

and the kale is plentiful :)

if you look closely, you can see a little itty bitty broccoli  :)

cabbage.....sour kraut or cooked cabbage with bacon hmmmmm :)

the beds haven't been without difficulties
in the first few weeks the rabbits ate the swiss chard & beets to the ground!
the hubs put up fence and problem solved until....
the deer moved in & reached over the fence and ate our beans!
he put a wire around the entire exterior and again, problem solved until...
the bugs moved in!  they started with the kale & ate their way to the beans
we mixed up some pepper garlic spray and as you can see
everything is thriving
until something else finds our garden of eatin'

one battle at a time :)



  1. oh kale! oh cabbage! how I love thee. I like to cut cabbage like it's for slaw, thin strips? and sautee with canola oil, sesame oil, fish sauce, garlic and white pepper. It reminds me of being a kid. I might have to do that this weekend ...

    Your garden is yielding a lot of good eating!

  2. Your garden is yielding wonderful vegetables. That is awesome.

  3. Might as well throw out there some Irish Spring soap to keep away the squirrels too! lol I had to put my garden beds inside of a dog kennel for all the reasons you mentioned. Your garden looks good. Yum Yum. :-)

  4. How fabulous to have all those fresh veggies x

  5. Deer are jerks! They have had their way with our pepper plants this year. They ate the pitchers off my pitcher plant too. I don't DARE put my bat plant outside. They would munch it down to nothing in no time flat!!!!

    YOUR garden looks phenomenal. There is nothing better than fresh veggies to really make a great dinner.