Tuesday, April 22, 2014

welcome spring!

i am convinced if i do not change the header on my blog to coordinate with
the season, we will be stuck in said season so i have to change it out
i absolutely DO NOT want to be stuck in winter!

in order to change my header 
 i have to pull out my notes on how to do it (because i can never remember)
which leads to frustration, a fair amount of cursing & a little stomping

today was that day...and because i made decent notes the last time
the cursing & stomping was kept to a minimum (insert happy smiley face here :)

so goodbye winter & hello spring!

it's been so long since i posted, a few of my blog buddies had sent emails
inquiring if everything was ok

how sweet is that!

i hope you all had a wonderful easter 
here are a few pics from ours

the oldest & the youngest

smallest to biggest

it was a fun day & the weather was 73 & sunny
we had kites, bubbles, egg hunting, candy consuming
sidewalk chalk art & more candy consuming

how was your easter?


1 comment:

  1. Love the header! So pretty! That could get you to at least September!!! Loved the pics! Such a perfect day!!!