Sunday, January 13, 2013

knit purl hunter KAL

i'm starting out the year with a KAL (knit a long)

i'm already behind...*lol*

this KAL is with michelle hunter of knit purl hunter

i love her teaching method and how she writes patterns

if you are unfamiliar with KAL...

you knit along with others on line

and post pictures of your project as you go if you like

this particular KAL is a mystery....are all KAL's a mystery?

i don't know?  i've only participated in two and they have both been mysteries

you are given the pattern & directions but not a picture of the finished object

kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without the box!

so far what i know is....

the sock is called crimple (cute name!)

it is a toe up sock..(.new method for me) i usually do cuff down patterns

 the toe has a it! toes on socks are usually plain

the second part, the going to be lace 

the instructions are charted which is also kind of new to me

i'm also knitting with square needles....i know! how odd is that?

square needles are suppose to be easier on your hands

my hand are getting old...they need easy

if you want to follow along with the KAL

here's a link!

more about michelle


1 comment:

  1. Yeah for a mystery KAL. It is a wonderful way to begin a new year. I know personally the friends you make and the support you receive with these KALs is priceless.
    The progress looks wonderful so far.
    Sending you love!