Thursday, April 24, 2014

off the needles...the mara shawl

this shawl was love at first site

i printed out & saved the pattern until i found the perfect yarn

which was quince & company chickadee in birds egg

customer service at quince & co is outstanding!

i sent a email to them asking a question about one of their yarns i thought might work

and told her the pattern i was using 

adi (i believe that to be her name) responded quickly

she had looked up the pattern & recommended a more suitable weight 

 add quick shipping & wonderful yarn to excellent customer service

 for a very pleasant knitting experience

pattern: mara shawl

pattern recommendations: see notes on ravelry

yarn: quince & co

while i encountered difficulties with the pattern,

i really like the shawl

anything new on your needles?



  1. I have had the mara on my mind for a long time. Yours looks beautiful. I love that color. I'm curious to read your project notes ... what did you think of the Quince & Co. yarn?

  2. So pretty Katie. I am so glad that you persevered through the issues.
    Just beautiful!

  3. Your shawl is beautiful! It looks so nice and cozy too :)

  4. so pretty! i like your helpful doggy too!

  5. Lovely outcome. I haven't tried Quince & Co but I like how the yarnngabe great definition. I made this pattern once for my sil in Madtosh which reminds me I need to wash it and give it back to her after borrowing it!

  6. What a gorgeous shawl! That's amazing that someone in customer service would take the time to find the best yarn for your project. You don't get that everywhere. Enjoy your shawl!

  7. I'm still working away on my lovely little Saroyan. I tend to get one leaf per night done. So should be finished in 10 more nights. I have the Mara in my queue on Ravelry. I already have the yarn sitting and waiting for it .,. or rather waiting for ME. :)